Management Software for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Small and medium sized businesses are the driving force behind our economy. We believe we can help by providing the tools for you to work smarter and achieve your goals quicker. Enterprise-grade software doesn’t have to be reserved for the big companies. We believe we can level the playing field by bringing you the most powerful technology at a price you can afford.

It’s really all about you. We know you rely on StourNet to run your business flawlessly day in and day out. So we pour our hearts and minds into making the best software possible, software you can trust which is bulletproof because of extensive user testing to squashing the smallest of bugs.

What is StourNet?

StourNet is an affordable cloud solution management software suite for small and medium sized businesses designed to cover the inventory management, customer relationship management and invoice generation for everyone from small eBay or Shopify sellers, to large ecommerce site operators, to anyone who keeps inventory of products or a record of their customers. StourNet aims to cover all the details of the business process, for a fast and hassle-free experience, from sourcing products to inventory management, from picking to packing and then shipping, from registering new customers to keeping them up-to-date with your business news.

Although we have a lot of features in the pipeline we are always keep to hear from people on the ground what new features they want, what would make their lives easier and save them money. If you have an idea for a new feature please drop us a line and let us know.

StourNet is in constant development and new features are being released on a regular basis. We would love for you to help us in creating this new software by becoming early adopters; in exchange you can use the software for free until our initial release – so long as you can give us some feedback. Contact us and let us know you're interested.

Existing and Upcoming Features of our Products


Inventory Management

Manage your inventory from end to end across multiple warehouses in multiple locations. From the products you have ordered from your supplier to those that you ship to the customer you can be sure of where inventory is at any one time.

Barcode Printing & Scanning

For simple, error free order fulfilment, StourNet relies heavily on barcode printing and scanning. Label each product with its SKU and later scan the barcodes to avoid costly shipping mistakes and a lot of lost time.


Third Party Integration

Sync stock inventory between multiple sales channels automatically. With built in automatic synchronisation between Shopify, WooCommerce and Amazon you can sit back in the knowledge that you stock is up-to-date on your sales channels.


Centralised Customer Relationship Monitoring

Manage your customers, their emails, and other records with ease. Emails received from customers are automatically linked allowing you to quickly see communication histories and any notes against a customer should they telephone you.


Send, track, and save emails

Create and send emails in a few clicks, send out bulk emails to a list of contacts or leads with ease. StourNet tracks email delivery to customers and monitors open and click statistics for all email templates, we will even notify you when emails are opened.


Social Media Syncing

Capture leads and manage your brand's social media interactions. StourNet seamlessly synchronizes all your brand profiles and settings in real time. Spend less time setting up the system, and more time closing deals.

Multi-Tiered User Management

Control who has access to your business activities with ease. Our multi-tiered security service allows you to restrict or enable all parts of the system from certain users. Want them to be able to view a product but not edit it? No problem!

Invoice Generation

Generate invoices for customers with only a few clicks. Create a template and auto-populate the customer’s details, add the items you are invoicing for and send – it really is as simple as that.


Administer from anywhere!

StourNet runs on any device with an internet connection - phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. So if your team is spread over a wide area or you simply fancy working whilst on holiday, you can!

Would you like to become a beta tester?

We are constantly releasing new updates for our systems and to help keep our high standards we require live beta testers to help. You would gain access to new features before others and would feedback to us any issues which arise from using the software. If you would like to become a beta tester please contact us and we’ll make it happen.

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