Stock Inventory Management Software

Stock control made easy

Does your stock inventory software do everything you want or need?

We know that managing stock and inventory while trying to increase sales and productivity isn't an easy task. That's why we have incorporated it into StourNet, a simple and easy-to-use online management software suite for small and medium sized businesses as well as at home uses.

StourNet inventory management software is a cloud solution designed to cover the stock control and inventory management to order fulfilment of everyone, online retailers such as small eBay or Shopify sellers to large ecommerce site operators, in fact it is for anyone who keeps inventory of products. StourNet covers all the details of the order fulfilment process, for a fast and hassle-free experience, from sourcing products, to inventory management, to picking, packing and shipping.

Use StourNet to get an up-to-date view on what your bestselling product lines are. See how much profit you’re making and use this information to make the right decisions about what to order and how to price it.

Get inventory in StourNet up and running fast by quickly importing large numbers of inventory items from a spreadsheet. Inventory management software tools in StourNet let you keep track of stock levels and values on a daily basis. StourNet calculates the value of the goods you have on hand using the average cost method.

Existing and Future Features


Inventory Management

Manage your inventory from end to end across multiple warehouses in multiple locations. From the products you have ordered from your supplier to those that you ship to the customer you can be sure of where inventory is at any one time.

Barcode Printing & Scanning

For simple, error free order fulfilment, StourNet relies heavily on barcode printing and scanning. Label each product with its SKU and later scan the barcodes to avoid costly shipping mistakes and a lot of lost time.


Third Party Integration

Sync stock inventory between multiple sales channels automatically. With built in automatic synchronisation between Shopify, WooCommerce and Amazon you can sit back in the knowledge that you stock is up-to-date on your sales channels.

Warehouse Locations

A warehouse is where inventory is stored, it can be an actual warehouse or a stock room. Manage multiple warehouses in multiple places with ease - add your warehouses to StourNet then perform a stock check to assign stock to that warehouse.

Count, receive, issue and transfer stock

Using our custom StourNet mobile app you can perform stock takes, receive new stock items into the warehouse and transfer stock out of the warehouse with ease. Simple scan the relevant barcodes and the system will do the rest.

Low stock level alerts

Managing hundreds or thousands of stock items can be time consuming so StourNet will let you know when you are running low. You mark at what level you wish to be notified and we will send you an email or online notification.

Inventory History

Maintain a complete history of all your inventory whether it is current or discontinued. You can see any changes which have happened to that product since it was added to the system along with which user made the changes.

Add Products in Bulk

If you are migrating from another system there is nothing more frustrating that having to re-enter all your stock items, especially if you have a lot! Contact us and see if we can help speed up the process by uploading your products in bulk.

Email support

We hope you never need to contact us, but if you do rest assured we will be there to assist with any issues or queries you may have. You can contact us using the contact page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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We are constantly releasing new updates for our systems and to help keep our high standards we require live beta testers to help. You would gain access to new features before others and would feedback to us any issues which arise from using the software. If you would like to become a beta tester please contact us and we’ll make it happen.

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